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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Fitness Studio

Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Fitness Studio

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Banded Donkey Kick

Classes by Keighty Gallagher • 1m 31s

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  • Introduction to Lower Body Movement

    For our Lower Body component, we’ll only be working one leg at a time to focus on stability. Unilateral leg drills directly relate to both static and athletic activities like walking, running, hiking, cycling while challenging your core simultaneously. Forget the squats for now and settle into fi...

  • Learn Single Leg RDL with Keighty (2 ...

    The Single Leg RDL is a key lower body move to eliminate strength imbalances, improve lower body stability, and protect your knees and hips from injury. From standing, lift one leg lightly off the ground to balance on the other. Soften your knees, and begin to hinge forward at your hips, extendin...

  • Learn Dead Lunge with Keighty (1 Min)

    Like your Single Leg RDL, the Dead Lunge is a great knee and hip stabilizer that targets your quads and core. Enter a kneeling position with one knee raised in front at 90 degrees in a grounded lunge, knee directly above your ankle. Untuck your back foot and slightly lean forward into your leadin...