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Half Kneeling Hip Stretch

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Learn Bird Dog with Adrian (2 Mins)

Classes by Adrian Gaskin • 2m 21s

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  • Half Kneeling Hip Stretch

    From standing, kneel down onto one knee, with your opposite knee at a 90° angle in front. The top of your rear foot should be rested on the floor with stability. Tuck in your pelvis to feel a lengthening stretch in the front of your hip, extending up through your torso. The majority of your weigh...

  • Crawling

    Find your position on all fours with a neutral spine, knees slightly in front of your hips and hands directly below your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, then open them up, returning to a neutral position in between. Turn the insides of your elbows forward to create stability, an...

  • Knee Drive

    The Knee Drive is an Agility variation of the Reverse Lunge. Start in a staggered stance with one foot stepped back. Sink into the crease of your front hip, placing the majority of your weight forward. Pushing into your front foot, release your rear foot off the ground to bring your knee up to yo...