NEW | Chair Fitness

A simple chair workout is effective and safe for strengthening and restoring your body. Seated movements increase blood flow, keep your joints active and lubricated, and build muscle strength. These all-levels classes can be approached seated in a chair, on the floor, or simply using a chair or couch as a prop for traditional exercises. Whether your body needs a restorative stretch or an energizing cardio workout to elevate your heart rate, give it a good try and feel the improvement!

Some equipment suggested but not required.

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  • Ragdoll with Kate Potter (3 Mins)

    Ragdoll is a transitional pose that brings you from standing upright to touching the floor with your hands, and back to standing again. The purpose of this pose is to move with your breath as you increase your spinal mobility and core strength. Practicing Ragdoll will help to release tension and ...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Couch Moves with Amanda | Easy Stretch Class (2 Mins)

    This class is perfect for when you're curled up on the couch on episode 8 of your favourite show. Just two minutes of stretches will open up your body, get your blood flowing, and dissolve any sticky feelings from sitting too long. Amanda will guide you through three simple stretches to target yo...